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LoveFound ~ Empowerment through Education, Environmental Sustainability & Creative Development

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Why I Support #WeHelpNepal

My name is Priscilla Devi Prasad, Founder & Creative Visionary of LoveFound.
I have spent the last 8 years of my life committed to supporting marginalized communities in Nepal.
I recently returned from a 4-month term in Nepal this year, barely missing the earthquakes by 8 days!
I have been working with a group of orphaned youth in Kathmandu for the past 7 years, where the earthquakes have had a major impact on the environment and the people living there. Our projects have formed connections with many amazing individuals and initiatives in Nepal and I feel a deep sense of responsibility to assist in every way that I can...

I believe in the power of people coming together to make a difference.
Being the founder of a grassroots organization, I understand the importance of transparency and the impact of channeling funds directly to where it is needed.

I chose to support #WeHelpNepal and share with my social networks because I trust and believe in this collective team effort and am also acquainted with one of the founding members.

Deep love & gratitude to all who join us in the efforts to uplift Nepal in this challenging time!

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We are not a traditional disaster relief organization.

We Help Nepal is network of artists, business owners, doctors, teachers and development workers who have lived or are currently living in Nepal. We are united by our mutual connection to Nepal and our commitment to alternative development models.

Our expertise comes from our awareness of the Nepali social and political landscape, and our connections to local organizations that are beneath the international radar.

The recent earthquake was a natural disaster intensified by the man-made forces of rapid development, poverty, and conflict driven displacement. This fund will support immediate earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts rooted in a philosophy of relief to self-reliance, disaster to sustainable development.

We recognize that in this tragedy there are seeds of hope that will sprout from the rubble.

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  • Raise funds for earthquake recovery based on mutual trust, financial transparency, and full accountability.
  • Use our decades of experience in Nepal to empower grassroots relief organizations that build long-term networks of self-reliance.
  • Support local organizations doing community-level work that have the capacity to lead disaster relief and recovery efforts.

Our Projects and Partnerships

Criteria for supporting projects:

  • Locally-led and staffed
  • Corruption-free – money supports need, not greed
  • Build capacity at the community level
  • Support long-term resilience and autonomy
  • Committed to social justice and sustainability

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Who we are

Finance, Communications, and Project Coordination:
Lilia Villa, Christine Kolisch, Craig Lovell, Bodhi Garrett, Forrest Grant, Greg Voelm, Nat Needham, Amanda Needham, Christopher Gish, Lucy Draper-Clarke, Manohari Upadhyaya, Anniina Rantala, Nicole Lemmo, Monica D’Onofrio

On the Ground Project Leaders:
Keshab & Sushma Regmi, Kesang Sherpa, Anne McGuinness, Mitchell Silver, Kishor Lohani, Dr. Kiran Awasthi,  Jenny Adhikari, Pawel Skawinski, Neelam Pradhananga, Sandesh Poudel,  Naina Rawal, Som Lama, Raghunath Neupane and Krishna Basnet


About Me

Priscilla Prasad 232pt

Priscilla Prasad

LoveFound is a grassroots Global CommUnity Platform for supporting marginalized communities in developing countries. Our focus is to inspire empowerment through self-awareness, self-development and self-sustainability.

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Who's Joining?

Thérèse Elkerbout
Rivek Rai
TravellersQuest Shraddha Thapa
Bijaya Js
Roopa Sitaula
Arbin Gurung
Deepak Chapagain
Anisa Adhikari
Morgan Bettes
Molly Byrnes
Malika Katia
Melinda Amato
Scott Santos
John Armstrong
Benjamin Taller
Stacy Gilmore
VOICES for Alabama's Children
Donna Cruz

Latest Updates from the ground

  • Recap of 2016 projects
  • WASH Project Helps 600 People
  • Ganesh Tech in Full Effect
  • Life Saving Medication to 8 Districts in Nepal
  • Smiling Sherpas – Namche Dental Clinic Near Completion

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