Kesab and Susima Regmi

Kesab and Susima Regmi are good friends who work with Christine Kolisch in her importing business and school scholarship programs.  They have 50 people camping in their backyard from their local neighborhood who they are helping in this time of need. 

Their house is still standing with some damage and they have a limited supply of water in an underground storage tank which they access by lowering buckets.  

The water mains have been destroyed so they will run out of water soon.  Their food supply is exhausted and the task today is to organize a group to hike several hours through town to try and secure food from relief organizations that are distributing supplies in the parks.  

This is a dangerous undertaking as aftershocks continue to shake the city.  

We are in contact via cell phone and working with Kesab and Susima to help them the people in their community.

Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
Read #WeHelpNepal's funding criteria and mission.

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