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Here is a summary of Phase 2 of our Digital Projector and Teacher Training in Panchthar District:

Sandesh Poudel and his team headed back to the Shree Siddheshwori Madhyamik Vidyalaya school to implement phase 2.  They spent 4 days at this remote location installing a digital projector and conducting a teacher training.  The new teacher was hired with funds provided by WHN.  The projector will be used in conjunction with the 5 computers installed during phase 1 of this project. 



Because of the remote location the school is off of the grid.  There are solar panels that provide enough electricity to run the computers.  Sandesh is looking into the possibility of increasing the solar grind so that a larger computer lab can be set up.  A battery back up system is also needed as the whole system goes down without sunlight. 

By working closely with the school administration and also testing the students to see how they are progressing Sandesh and his team are insuring the success of the program.  It is a 750 kilometer journey to reach this remote area.




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  • Alan Remington
    commented 2019-06-20 22:32:58 -0700
    While travelling Nepal I heard about this project. This is the face of perseverance and determination. The human spirit is something special My team at salutes you guys. Nothing but good vibes being sent your way!
  • Jesse Ringer
    commented 2018-02-27 19:33:12 -0800
    #wow #inspiring This is so beautiful to see! I love this so much and want to help find donors and funders so I’m going to share this with my tech team and my employers @ , as well as Facebook! I hope that’s okay! If your a visit reading this I hope you agree we should do what we can to help. These beautiful people deserve what we have and they can get it if we try. #onelove