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Six months after the devastating earthquake, Nepal is in recovery. WeHelpNepal thanks all of the organizations and Project Leaders for doing an excellent job, and mobilizing donor support to maximum effect - you can read a summary of their work here.  The youth of Nepal are in large part responsible for responding quickly and effectively to the disaster…  



104C_HDSN_DENTAL_HEALTH_CAMP_NEPAL_D1684.jpgThe good news is there have been no outbreaks of communicable diseases and most of the tent camps are either closed or greatly reduced in numbers.  However with over 160,000 homes destroyed and 140,000 damaged, the road to recovery will be a long one.  Many people are still living in temporary shelters made of tin sheeting and local materials or have moved in with friends and relatives.  While food shortage does not seem to be a problem many farming communities have had serious setbacks due to damaged terraces and in some cases a lack of seeds.



WeHelpNepal members Christine Kolisch and Craig Lovell arrived in Nepal on October 6th to assess the situation on the ground.  During their 12-day visit they met with 14 different Project Leaders who had received grants over the last 6 months and went on three field trips with them (see other updates).  We can happily report that our donor’s money was very effectively spent and that the impact per dollar was perhaps 10 times as cost effective as it would be in the West.  During this initial phase money was spent on food, tin sheeting for shelter, tents manufactured in country, solar lights, emergency toilets, sanitation supplies, building temporary schools, dental and medical camps, medical equipment and medical care.




Our mission has always been to immediately respond to the emergency and at the appropriate moment to transition to long term effective programs to help in Nepal’s recovery and development.  That time is now.


Rather than help individuals rebuild their homes we are going to concentrate on projects that positively effect entire communities. By meeting with local Project Leaders that are still active, mostly Nepali NGO’s, we have identified new projects to help in the long-term recovery and the countries development.  The focus will be to instigate projects primarily within the earthquake zone that covers a good portion of central Nepal.   Some of our upcoming projects include permanent toilets, computers in schools, dental and medical camps & outposts and burn victim support.   Our construction projects will include a dental clinic, building material depots transiting to community centers and an orphanage that includes a public library.


Nepal currently faces political problems that have caused a severe fuel shortage with a near blockade by India.  While this has slowed recovery efforts, the valiant Nepalese continue to persevere through these hardships.  With your help WeHelpNepal will persevere as well and continue to support the wonderful people in Nepal to achieve a better life for themselves.  Please take the time to read the updates which highlight many of the projects we have supported with our donors help.  We hope you will end 2015 with a tax-deductible donation so we can continue working together for Nepal’s recovery.



Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
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