#NepalEarthquake from Kesang Sherpa

So many little babies. No proper shelter. No proper food. No government presence. No international aid. Distributed what we could 2day. Along with water with glucose powder mixed in, biscuits, noodles, chocolate, beaten rice, apples, bananas, oranges etc. Thankfully few local shopkeeprs have braved it and opened for business saying "whatever happens I'm going to keep selling".

Focussed on mothers and young kids 2day. Distributed hand wipes encouraging people to maintain hygiene and reduce the spread of germs.

Tomorrow hopefully cooked hot meal. My brother managed to get veggies. I got a peek of Onions. Okra. String beans. Pls pray there is no rain tonight because so many will suffer as there is no proper shelter. People are just braving the elements same way me and my family did first night.

Tents and tarpaulines have been hardest to come by in our experience 2day. Water and food still not that hard. In one area where many who were affected in Sindupalchowk have fled to sheek shelter, they are packed in like sardines under the barest of shelters; a mother with a young baby asked; "chocolates but no tents?" People also asked what "sanstha" (org) are you with or are you from the village development org (a local govt body) or from a gomba (monastery)?

No, I am just a concerned individual who cannot bear to see people suffer like this who wants to make sure people atleast can get whatever comfort possible/available before sundown. It's also so good to see so many of our friends supporting one another in whatever way possible.

A friend braved the quake to bring me a tent and cough syrup for my baby and a friend came to check on me thinking I was still out in the open.

A restauranter friend went from hospital to hospital 2day distributing hot food. I know lots of others are organizing however/whatever possible. Mostly private citizens. Just interested in relieving human suffering. No agenda. No religion. No ethnic politics.

I am so happy!

If everyone does a little bit, we can help where help has not reached yet for whatever reason. No time to point fingers, analyze, what could be, should be.

Only focus should be on the present moment, and acting without expectation, and with kindness, sanity and humanity.




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