Life-saving Medical Equipment for Newborn Babies

Incubator Compressors Purchased For Paropakar Maternity Hospital

Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital in Kathmandu is the only government owned hospital in Nepal exclusively for maternity services. Although based in Kathmandu, women and mothers from all over Nepal and from remote villages come here, owing to its reliable and affordable services. Huge number of patients - approximately 26,000 mothers and same number of newborn infants - are annually attended by the hospital. 


The earthquake on April 25th, 2015 destroyed the badly damaged the hospital building, causing three hundred bed spaces to become unusable and a lot of equipment was damaged beyond repair. The inflow of maternity patients after the earthquake was massive and the hospital faced a great crisis as it lacked the resources to accommodate them.


In September 2015, Nepal Youth Foundation donated 2 infant ventilators that are essential for prematurely born babies needing critical care. They replaced those destroyed by the earthquake. A $5000 grant from WeHelpNepal was used to finance 75% of the cost of two compressors, which were needed to run the ventilators.   Post-earthquake, the hospital has successfully served 35,000 women and their newborn babies.  The purchase of this vital equipment has preserved the lives of many of the prematurely born babies.





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