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Project Goals and objectives:

Burn Survivors Nepal is supporting hospitalized burn victims from extremely poor economic backgrounds.  Many recent burn survivors have also lost their homes and livelihoods as a direct result of the two major earthquakes in Nepal. Their injuries are due to electrical accidents, unsafe cooking in temporary shelters, incidents of domestic abuse, etc.


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This project will provide the best treatment to burn patients ,who are as well victims of the Earthquake:

Medical and surgical support: Defray the costs of medical treatment to the burn patients (daily dressings, injection, antibiotics, skin grafts, debridement...)

Nutrition Complement: Ensure the body mass of the burn patients and reduce the risk of infections ( protein, glucose, vitamins complement)

Essential needs: Provide items for the burn patients to survive in their temporary shelters during the winter, including blankets and a solar lamp and phone recharger


25 Burn patients and their families coming from the earthquake affected districts, who have lost their homes and are living in temporary shelters.



6 months from January – June 2016. The treatment of burn patients to their complete recovery takes time. Patients need to stay for months in the hospital where they receive multiple surgeries.

Costs of the project: 11,000 USD


Burns injuries are amongst the most horrific, painful and costly injuries that a person can suffer. Every year, 55,902 people get burn injuries in Nepal and most of them cannot afford the money for their treatments. Established in 2008, BVS Nepal is the only organization which works to ensure that the best available burns care and treatments is are available for burns patients in Nepal.

Also, the earthquake caused considerable damage to Bir Hospital which is the primary government hospital in the country. As a result burn patients had to be taken into a mixed general ward at the Trauma Centre which is a very difficult situation since the ward is not sterile and there is no ICU available.

BVS Nepal is helping as well the 5 bed Burn Unit in Teaching Hospital and the 22 bed unit for children in Kanti Hospital, in Kathmandu. The remaining patients and most new patients therefore have to be placed in private hospitals and nursing homes where the costs for surgery, medication, bed and food is very expensive.

Medical and Surgical support:

Daily, each patient needs lot of medicines and dressing to reduce the pain, to manage the wound and to control the infection. All burn patients need to stay in hospitals for a long term (1 to 3 months).

The two major type of surgical intervention are the skin graft and the debridement which help to replace the lost tissue and improve the scares and the mobility of the patient.

For the medical support, each patient regarding their injuries need: Antibiotics, blood, gauze, betadine, bandage roll, Ointment cream, etc.

Nutrition at the hospital:

Survivors need to be fed very high protein diets to give their bodies the strength to fight such extreme injuries. ‘A burn that is 20% or more of the total body surface area (TBSA) will increase the body's energy (calories) demands by one and a half to 2 times of the normal amount.’*(Jim Buffy, Article source:

During their hospitalization, BVS Nepal will provide funds for the patients to receive their daily meal and nutrition complement which include high protein, calories, minerals, fibre and vitamins.


After their hospitalization, two warm blankets will be provided to the burn patients and their family to be able to handle the winter time inside their temporary shelter home.

Solar Light and phone recharger:

The solar lamp and phone recharger will help the burn patients to improve their living standard and security in their temporary shelter. Here below is the model of the lamp we will provide them with your support



Items Description

Cost per unit (Rps)


Medical and surgical support



Nutrition at the hospital






Solar lamp & phone recharger



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Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
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