Successful Delivery of Relief Supplies: The Manjushri's Helper Project

We just finished speaking to our man on the ground Kesab.  He has been going out to the outlying villages and delivering water, rice, dhal, noodles and chura.  He has gone also to Cheppu's micro credit village of Tokha which was badly hit - at least 5 women farmers are homeless.  The organizer of the micro group who knew how to get in touch with all of the members was killed in the quake. 

Kesab delivered supplies to the Tokha residents also.  Today he is going out to two other small villages (Sankhu and Boudhanilakhanta) which are getting no help from the larger organizations.  

ManjushriProject-2.JPGHe is renting a truck to take more supplies.  So far he is able to buy petrol for these trips.  Our friend and mother of 2 of Cheppu's sponsored students lost a large portion of their house in Kathmandu.  Her brother died in the village and we are helping her with expenses to get  there and for his death rites, as well as supplies for the villagers.

"Dear Chris and Craig,

Thank you for your love and concern , we are safe and well,  we managed ourselves entire our neighborhood through this disaster with your love and supports. We want you both  for caring the people suffering from the earthquake.The people we met are expressed their gratitude and thankfulness to you for your sympathy.

Yesterday, on your behalf, Sushma and I went to some remote areas in kathmandu and distributed some relief items mainly food and water where the government mechanism  did not reach out,  in order to express our collective sympathy and moral supports. We are going to expand our relief mission to more areas today in similar manner. We will keep informing you. We like to inform you, since our resources is limited and mission is result based, it is  not targeted for media attraction and publicity.

We visit the victim family individually in small number. And handover the relief materials.  We do not know how much we can do but our goal is, be part of them at least to share with them the moment of grief and do whatever we can. After 2 days rain bodies remained under the debris will start to rot which is prone to cause another major epidemic al disaster. Non of the water pipes in the overhead roof tanks are left un harmed. Workers do not dare to go in the roofs to fix them. U. G Water pumps are not working due to the power cuts ,( it is same in with us in our house).

The current government has not been so efficient  in timely distribution of relief materials although there is massive amount of relief items and funds has been pilled up in the airport given by National and  international communities. 

Nevertheless , the relief operations carried voluntarily by the individuals  local clubs and private institutions have been more effective with their Limited resources.

Thank you all again,

Kesab & Sushma"



Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
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  • Bill Cooke
    commented 2015-05-04 10:12:50 -0700
    I donated as soon as I heard that you were offering direct relief by Craig. I had just won several prizes at a n art show in Australia and donated the winnings immediately and was sorry I couldn’t do more at the time. I angled the merger donations are being used in the most appropriate way, my prayers flow to the many souls who are troubled in the region. Thanks so much for your help.