Rasuwa Relief Building Temporary Learning Centers

In the days after the quake, We Help Nepal connected with Austin Lord of Rasuwa Relief. Their team has continued to do amazing work in the rural area of Rasuwa. Here's a recent update from the ground:

"On July 29th, the Rasuwa Relief TLC team returned from a five day trip to Rasuwa. The trip entailed conducting detailed site assessments of schools and deciding on which schools needed 1) new TLCs 2) support renovating existing TLCs. Based on our assessments, we decided to build three new TLCs: for Archale, Kimarjong Boarding School (Bhorle) and Seti Devi Secondary School (Ramche). In addition, we are renovating two existing TLCs in Archale.


The procurement of the material is complete, the contractors have been identified and agreements have been made, and the school committee is on board to oversee the process. It was incredibly helpful to have an engineer in our team (Lakpa) to help with the design of the TLCs. In addition, we also provided stationery, games, educational posters and white boards to the Shantibazaar TLC and Kimarjong Boarding School. The purpose of this was to make the classes/TLCs more conducive to learning.



The team also identified/finalized a list of seven students who will be sponsored for a year at the Green Garden Boarding School. These are students who come from very impoverished backgrounds, who have lost a parent in the earthquake or whose parents are unable to take care of them due to sickness/disabilities. We also met/identified five students who will soon be enrolled at the Highland Boarding School from similar backgrounds. Here is hoping for their bright future.

Apart from minor hiccups (landslide en route to Shantibazaar/Archale that blocked the road for a day), Nepal Bandh for a day etc, the trip went well and we cant wait to see the finished TLCs!"


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