OpenCharger Project Comes to Nepal

Here's an update from our partner's over at the Nepali solar company EcoPrise and the sustainability folks at 

"Thanks to a bold collective of folks from around the world looking for innovative, long term sustainable livelihood intentions, we’ve got the seed funding to make organic personal energy devices here in Nepal!  Yeah… you heard right… we are turning the table on the global economy!



Instead of high tech being innovated by distant disconnected labs, the raw materials mined in a poor country and the high end assembly in China we are going to do the reverse!  Bhuwan’s team will innovate our first run of solar lights here in Nepal for Nepal, the raw materials we will import from China, and value added assembly we will do in Nepal!  A big thanks to the long line of innovators and sponsors who have helped make this crazy unlikely against-the-grain vision happen!  Stay posted as our design process unfolds and we manifest the first 300 models.

This is the next iteration of our OpenCharger idea. The OpenCharger is designed to be made by anyone, anywhere, using readily available globally available materials– like coke bottles, and e-waste.  



Making an OpenCharger will take focus, work and patience. However, the OpenCharger is designed so that its making is simple (no special skills needed), straightforward (no special equipment or tools) and green (virtually zero energy assembly and no toxic processes). 

 Traditional micro-electronics is infamous for its toxic processes and materials.  Because there is no way to dispose of electronics in the villages of the Northern Philippines, where the OC was developed, the OpenCharger reinvents circuit assembly to use only recycled, recyclable, and non-toxic processes.  Afterall, is a device really worth it if gives us cancer or that poisons the water table?

Our Maker’s Manual lays out the principles, tools , materials, and step-by-step assembly instructions to make your OpenCharger.



Official OpenCharger Maker’s Manual can be downloaded by clicking here.

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