Manjushri's Helpers Keep On It

101_Manjushri_shelters_ready_to_move_in.JPGThe team has been busy since our last update.  In Sundhupalchowk we erected 16 metal shelters for the Handicapped and the Elderly.  The shelters will be used by 75 people.  A local volunteer group provided the ground for the camp.  We were pleased to be place them before the advent of the full force of the monsoon, which was greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries.
We Help Nepal was the first relief group to bring in semi permanent shelters in their area.


In the village of Votesippa VDC, we delivered  to 66 households metal sheeting for roofing.  This village was one of the worst hit in the area, where 89 people died. They also have many  domestic animals buried under the rubble of their former homes.  Not a single house was left standing in Votesippa.  Due to landslides, relief supplies have not been reaching here, and there is a danger of food shortage soon.  It is not likely that the roads will be cleared for some time.

Many villages are still in need of roofing materials.  The continual aftershocks have the people living  in fear of further loss of lives, remaining belongings and animal stock.  Manjushri team will be going to Nuwakot and Kavre to survey the areas where relief has not arrived. Then we will return with the needed items.


Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
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