HDSN Win "Hack the Quake" Contest with Transitional Shelter Module

#WeHelpNepal is proud to have helped Dr. Kiran and the Health and Development Society of Nepal invest in resources to explore transitional shelter that is endemic to Nepal. Dr. Kiran and his crew came up with a modular shelter that isn't hot (like tin), has light, and can be used for health centers, schools or families. On Wednesday of this week, they competed in the Nepal Engineer Association (NEA) contest and won in the Health category.


The NEA says:

It was a historic event, an initiative of NEABIC, KUBIC, JanakiTech, IOE Alumni, with the support from Dreams Magazine, Yantrakala, Robotics Association of Nepal, & Suruwat.

Fortunately, the program was observed by His Excellency Assistant general Secretary of The United Nations Mr. Haoling Xu & UN Team as well as Hon. Prof. Dr. Govinda Raj Pokharel, Vice chairman of National planning Commission attended as the Chief Guest in the opening Session.



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