HDSN Shifting from Sanitation to Shelter

As we have taken our step into shelters along with the existing hygiene and sanitation we decided to break up the core group with various responsibilities. The soaps, phenyl and bleaching powder are still being taken by various relief groups heading out of the valley but the numbers are slowly declining which is why we are targeting the DHOS of Dolakha, Sindhupalchowk in the coming days with a heavy consignment for them to distribute. 


Today, Ajay was coordinating the whole day with the suppliers and we have ordered supply for Sindhuli which will be dispatched soon. The plan to provide Sindhuli with a large consignment which will be distributed to the 55 health posts in the districts. He was also busy trying to source raw materials for our shelters at a discount rate. Rajan on the other hand with Padmendra was busy the whole day designing the shelters for various purposes; i.e health sector, school classrooms. Nirjan on the other hand is working with the local community of Bhattedanda VDC of rural Lalitpur where we were stuck during the May 12 earthquake while surveying. We are discussing on making 20 plus shelters to those who do not have the resources to make one in the area. The design has been drafted using local resources where we will be providing the Galvanized sheets.

I on the other hand visited the other health centre at Chitapole in Bhaktapur that was reported to be uninhabitable and have come up with some details. As per the information of the health post worker, this health post caters to 1050 odd households and more than 6100 population. During our visit we found a fair number of earthquake victims receiving care under a makeshift tarp outside the building. We decided that we would be providing one more shelter to this health post. A cross check of the health post gave us information that the bleaching powder and phenyl we had asked the DHO of Bhaktapur to distribute had indeed reached the centre. This shelter will cover two of the three demolished health centres in the area as we plan to install one in Tathali tomorrow. We will be visiting the third one soon in Challing.

Total distribution till date since the beginning through our database:

Mouth masks: 32677, examination gloves 23751 pairs, hand sanitizers 220 bottles, Phenyl concentrated 5477 litres, limestone 480 kg, bleaching powder 7325kg, prepackaged soap 1442 pieces, soap prepared 40608 pieces, lizol 34 bottles, Harpic 20 bottles, sanitary napkins 1806 packets, water purifier(1kg bottle) 22 bottles, water 48 litres, piyush 508, piyush plus 108, Ora rehydrating Solution 7650 packets, gluteraldehyde 2 bottles, povidone iodine ointment 400 pieces, metronidazole tablets 30450, paracetamol 3200 tablets, ibubrufen 2250 tabs, syringes 200, local anesthesia 25 bottles, rolled gauze packets 73, betadine 500 ml bottles 52, Dettol bottles 30, betadine tubes 36, hydrocortisone 80 vials, thick utility gloves 150 pairs


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