A Music Video for We Help Nepal

Our friends over at Known Strangers produced a music video to help raise money for Nepal. You can check out and share their custom made song and music video, featuring footage and photos from We Help Nepal photographers and projects.




Known Strangers is a progressive POP/EDM Record Label based out of Los Angeles, CA. Before the earthquake, they made an original cover of the song "See You Again" by Wiz Khalifa ft Charlie Puth with artist Connor Duermit. After the devastating earthquakes, they wanted to do something to help raise money or generate awareness for We Help Nepal, and felt that making a music video for the "See You Again" song was the best fit for the cause. They put this compilation video of Nepal "before and after" to show the beauty, the devastation and the hope that there is of one day bringing peace to the region.

Click HERE or the image below to watch the video



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