3 million children at risk this winter

Winter has started in Nepal. 

With the recent Indian blockade still preventing vital goods from coming into the country and over 200,000 people still displaced in temporary shelters, UNICEF warns that more than 3 million children under the age of 5 are at risk of death or disease during the harsh winter months.

If everyone donates just $10 we can deliver blankets to several thousand families in districts that are in most need. 


Many of these villages are above 8,000 feet in elevation where temperatures can drop below freezing this winter.

With the extreme shortage of essential supplies in Nepal like petrol, cooking gas and medicine, people across the country are forced to spend extra time and effort to collect firewood to cook meals for their families and to heat their homes - or to go without. 

Will you help us bring a little warmth to Nepal?

Every little bit helps, and donations over $50 will receive a special gift from Nepal.

Thank you for your continued support. Together we can make a difference.



Relief aid, while well intentioned, often ends up in the pockets of corrupt local bureaucrats and/or multinational contracts, with very little reaching the people that actually need it. Ensure that your contributions reach those in need.
Read #WeHelpNepal's funding criteria and mission.

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